Christian/Worship- Fresh Jesus Music


Christian/Worship- Fresh Jesus Music


Follow my Soul Food playlist. I am trying my best to keep this updated with fresh tunes. God bless! 

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You should check out the celebration symphony orchestra. They are a new christian orcestral pop/indie group.

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More fresh Christian tunes headed your way!

First is some indie alternative chill pop type music-

Next is some rock music - hard and alternative mix -

Followed by some chill instrumental hip hop beats for studying or background music -

Lastly, some Americana / folk type music to spice up any camping or river trips you might be going on!

Hope you find something you enjoy!
Soli Deo Gloria!

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Hi JohnMark, I sampled some of the songs on your playlist - lovely playlist!  I especially enjoyed the song called ``Housefires``.


The best way to describe our music is deeply emotional, with powerful female vocals and dominant cello.


The songs are about hurt and hope.  The ones most directly about Jesus, are:


*    A River of Eternal Love

*    On the First Christmas Day

*    Son in the Sky


See if you like any of our songs - enough to add to your playlist.  We are also advancing other new songs - with some to be released later in the year.


Band:    4 Crying Out Loud!


Full Spotify playlist: