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Classic Rock

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I like it! Maybe add more variance, and I'd like to see Rush and a few others on there. Nice job!


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Hello @mrr6302 and welcome to the community,


Thanks to share with the community. You ask for improvements. To be honest, what you call "playlist" here, is not a playlist, it's a songs library, surely perfect for your personal private use.


When you want create a public playlist and try to attract other users to subscribe to it, you have to follow some rules : 


- Be sure to chose a relevant and attractive title : e.g. In your playlist Pink Floyd is not "Classic Rock"

- If your playlists is not bigger than 50 tracks : you have to include only once an artist/band.

- if your playlist is between 60 to 100/150 songs : you can include the same artist/band 2 times but not in a row.


That's for a start. After the organization of songs inside the playlist is important also, to have a flowing listening.

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