Compendium 1 - Tim Koch


Compendium 1 - Tim Koch


Who is Tim Koch ????

He's one of those obscure but immensely talented musicians strewn out across spotify, You know the type who make some amazing pieces of music for years and years and never really break through into mainstream success. I chatted with tim for several hours on facebook, The guy is amazing, He's an all around nice "dude", I won't go into personal details out of respect for his privacy but suffice to say he's an exceptional musician who actually talks with his fans, Which honestly surprised me.


What genre is Tim Koch ???

To me it feels like a cross between ambient and idm with driving melodies and catchy drums/percussion while also being chill. Definitely reminds me of 90's aphex twin and u-ziq, I'd rank him up there in the same group as them. To me his music feels Thoughtful, Driving, Focused, Intentful, But at the same time it feels calm and often quite nostalgic in a really lush way but with a great deal of urgency, Much like boards of canada.


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