Compendium 2 - Clark


Compendium 2 - Clark


What is a compendium ???

"a collection of things, especially one systematically gathered" It's like an anthology, Except that word is overused i think :) 


Who is Clark (Chris Clark) ???

Techno, Analog, Gold.


Why should you listen to this playlist ????

It's the best songs from every album he has on spotify, Starting with the best two from each album, After that its roughly the same order he released the albums in... I say "Roughly" Because I put the expanded edition of clarence park at the start since it's the version spotify has, I also included both versions of "growls garden" because one has a few noticable but small differences, Kudos to you if you can spot them. ;) 


PS. Clark is probably my favorite artist... Make sure to follow him from the link below !!! And Enjoy !!!



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