Enchiridion of Aerodomus - a journey through various genres


Enchiridion of Aerodomus - a journey through various genres


This is my general playlist of music I like, organized a journey through various genres (at around 1350 songs currently).


The top genres are scorecore, focus, video game music, compositional ambient, deep chiptune (according to the /r/spotify analyzer).


It is generally organized so that songs that are somewhat similar sounding are sequenced to form little islands throughout the playlist.


I realize most would prefer a playlist with more consistent set of genres, but this is my attempt to capture the genres that appeal to me the most, and weave them together in a way that makes it flow naturally from one part to the next. It did not feel like it invoked the proper image without including the various genres that ended up being in it.


It is encouraged to use shuffle to jump between the various segments of the playlist.


P.S. I apologize if the tags are misleading, but I did not find tags fitting for the most dominant genres in the playlist (the eligible tags seems somewhat limited).


Edit: It turns out I could add appropriate tags after posting.