FUNKY BREAKBEAT of the 1970s.....Style


FUNKY BREAKBEAT of the 1970s.....Style

Gig Goer


What’s Happened! Well if mix-up Funky, Breakbeat, Disco? You get America’s homegrown music mix. Funky African American from mid-1960s Rhythmic, danceable that is stem from Soul, Jazz, Rhythm, and Blues.


Breakbeat, In 1973 with hip-hop turntablists, such as DJ Kool Herc began using several funk breaks in a row, using irregular drum patterns from songs such as James Brown's "Funky Drummer" and The Winstons' "Amen Brother” urban New York City.


“Then there is Disco is a musical style that emerged in the early 1970s from America's urban nightlife scene, makeshift discothèques, reaching its peak popularity between the mid-1970s and early 1980s. Its initial audiences in the U.S. were club-goers, both male and female, from the African American, Italian American Latino, **bleep**, and psychedelic communities in Philadelphia and New York City during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Disco can be seen as a reaction against both the domination of rock music and the stigmatization of dance music by the counterculture during this period. Several dances styles were also developed during this time including the Bump and the Hustle."


A mix of all types of music Soul, Jazz, Rhythm, Blues and irregular drum patterns. 


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Really nice playlist! Thanks

Here are some "psychedelic breaks" out of the box..