Fuzz & Wah (electric guitar effects pedal playlist)


Fuzz & Wah (electric guitar effects pedal playlist)


I made a playlist featuring my favorite types of effects pedals for electric guitar and electric bass. Here’s the track list so far for each type of effects pedal:



Seer – Witch

Desert Cruiser – Truckfighters

Gargarismo - Truckfighters

Eatin’ Dust – Fu Manchu

Mongoose – Fu Manchu

Strolling Astronomer – Fu Manchu

Beginner’s Guide to Suicide – Orange Goblin

Sleepy Silver Door – Dead Meadow

Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix

Paranoid – Black Sabbath

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida  – Iron Butterfly

Gemini – Elder

Dead Roots Stirring – Elder

Introduction - Earth

Tallahassee – Earth

Peace in Mississippi – Earth

Up in the Sky – Somali Yacht Club

Sightwaster – Somali Yacht Club

Into the Woods – Weedpecker

Flowering Dimensions – Weedpecker

Reality Fades – Weedpecker

Into the Woods – Weedpecker

Flowering Dimensions – Weedpecker

The Final Procession – Purple Hill Witch

Navigator – Dopelord

Liquid Sleep – 1000mods

Electric Machine – Acid King

Sleep of the Black Lotus – Wo Fat

Read The Omens – Wo Fat

Bong Thrower – Belzebong

Hypermountain – Spaceslug

Green Machine – Kyuss

Gatherings – Kikagaku Moyo

Shiva – My Sleeping Karma

Mondo Buzzo (Live) – Causa Sui

The Source (Live) – Causa Sui

Tempel – Colour Haze

Aquamaria – Colour Haze

Motormind – Colour Haze

Leitplanke – Kosmodrom

Realitaetskontrolle – Kosmodrom

Reverse – Glowsun

Dragon Witch – Glowsun

Flight – Wooden Shjips

Lazy Bones – Wooden Shjips

Black Smoke Rise – Wooden Shjips

No Quarter – Led Zeppelin (no fuzz pedal, but similar guitar tone)


Wah (or envelope filter)

White Room – Cream

Voodoo Child (Slight Return) – Jimi Hendrix

Dragonaut – Sleep

Master of the Sky – Moon Coven

Estimated Prophet – Grateful Dead

One Word – Mahavishnu Orchestra

Music for Jimmy – The Re-Stoned

Feedback – The Re-Stoned

Chakras – The Re-Stoned

Beyond the Fields We Know – Dead Meadow

Greensky Greenlake – Dead Meadow

Automatic Fantastic – Brant Bjork

Gifted by the Wind – Earthless

The Juice (Live) – Causa Sui

Nag Kanya – Spacelords

Metamorphosis – Spacelords

Gravitationgezeitennarkose – Kosmodrom


Have a listen if you’re interested. Also, I always like to hear feedback (pun intended), so feel free to post any comments or song suggestions.