Heavy Rotation - new releases in mainstream/underground Metal/Hard Rock


Heavy Rotation - new releases in mainstream/underground Metal/Hard Rock

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Last month had some great Metal & Hard Rock releases and this month should be as amazing. Updated Weekly, with the best, Metal-Hard Rock, New Releases and Fresh Finds selected from 26 Metal & Hard Rock genres. 

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Re: Heavy Rotation - New Releases in Metal & Hard Rock Updated Weekly & Refreshed Each Month

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Tracks Added

Fear Inoculum – TOOL
Birth Of The Cruel – Slipknot
Young & Invincible – Foxblood
A Fail of Design – Dreamarcher
Killer – Jamie Lenman
Malice in Wonderland – Dissonants
Dogs Of War – Hacktivist
Tommy Gun – Captives
At Our Best When We're Asleep – Hesitation Wounds
Vacío – Joliette
The Rhythm That Starts the Dance – Detach the Islands
The New Delta – Tides from nebula
behind – eyelid.
With Fire in My Heart... – Ereb Altor
The Death of Me – Tom Keifer
Malediction – Shadow of Intent
Cold – Korn
Ultraviolence – The Offering
Pulsating Black – Humanity's Last Breath
I Dream Guillotine – IDLES
Earth – Infinity Shred
The Desire – JD Miller
Lost in my Mind – Lone Survivors
Moral Decay – Portrayal of Guilt
Dawn of the Dragonstar – Twilight Force
Somewhere in Between – Venatici
The Fire that Burns – Borknagar
Jinn – Northlane
Mercy – Bad Omens
A New Evil – The Ferrymen
The Patient – TOOL
A Journey to Remember – Visions of Atlantis
Artificial Void – Unprocessed
From Darkness to Light – Narnia
Voices – Archetype
Stinkfist – TOOL
Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining – SiXforNinE
Never Really Over – The Animal In Me
Dear Death – Pray for Sleep, Hashu
From The Ashes – Red
Sleeptalk – Dayseeker
The Facade – Silversyde
Jambi – TOOL
Esh – Bloodlines
The Contender – Circle Zero
Torn in Two – Dearly Departed
失控的游戏 – Die from Sorrow
Running in Circles – Bad Omens
Endless Snow – Final Product
Zerfall – Finsterforst
The Abstract Venom – Freedom of Fear
Wilder Than the Wind – Lord
Hopeless – My Own Will
Quartered – Russian Circles
Sober – TOOL
Give & Take – The New Roses
Event Horizon – Torn Confidence
Another Life – Underoath
Victorious – Skillet
Before I Fall – Violent New Breed
Left for Dead – Speaking With Ghosts
Beyond The Wave – Of Allies
Blood Red – Refused
Dominion – Hammerfall
Let Me Wake You Up – My Diligent Future
Low – TheCityIsOurs
Slither – Brutality Will Prevail
Terra Mater – Resolve
Siren's Fall – NorthTale
Visions of the End – Carnifex
Die To Live – Volbeat
Kepler – Victoria
Believe – Staredown, BillyBio, Powerflo
Dark Signs – Sleep Token
Prison – Wage War
Armed with Their Teeth – SeeYouSpaceCowboy...
Highway to Oblivion – DragonForce
Jaguar – Feralcat
Eclipse – Northlane
Hydra – Redscale
M.E.T.A.L. – Freedom Call
The Consciousness of Misery – Freedom of Fear
The Journey – Astralium
Lotus - Reimagined – Windrunner
The Next Song – InMe
The Pride of Sin – A Perfect Being
Curtains – Veridian
Scattered Sprites – Car Bomb
Layers of Time – Lacuna Coil
Innocent – Uneven Structure
Path of Destiny – Equilibrium, The Butcher Sisters
Within – One Hour Hell
Nothing New – Throes
All Consuming Filth – Implore
Celestite Woman – Lacrimas Profundere
Burn! – Kobra And The Lotus
Earth & Sky – Of Mice & Men
Truth To the Weak (Not Built To Collapse) – Fire From The Gods
Pay No Mind – Alter Bridge
A Critical Affair – Sifting
30 Years Ago – Skyline
So Restless – Amoura
Hypochondria – Dragged Under
Holy Water – The Funeral Portrait
Consumed – Attacking the Vision
2 A.M. State of Mind – Wake up Frankie
Pelvis On Fire – Volbeat
Dorn im Ohr – Saltatio Mortis
My Last Breath – Cabin Boy Jumped Ship
Burn It All Down – The Agonist
Heavier – Slaves
Shine Equal Dark – High Fighter
Drake Equation – The Holeum
Midas – Tell the Wolves I'm Home
Labyrinth – Above, Below
Movie Life – Infinite Sleep
Counter Ops – HAWK
Capsize – Feels Like Home
Social Star – Grayscale Season
Evil Are the Kings – Wolves At The Gate
Paralysis – Sanction
Grant Us Eyes – Illyrian
Quiet Place – As I May
Hole In Me – Void Of Vision
Simulacra – Oh Hiroshima
Seeing Red – Obey The Brave
Rivers of Old – Cable
Chingus – Zed
War of Words – KXM
Cheyenna – The 69 Eyes
Crowned in Retaliation – Vitriol
Elimination – Entombed A.D.
Heartfeeder – Forgetting The Memories
Voyeurs into Death – Thy Art Is Murder
If You Know, You Know – TheCityIsOurs
I'll Be There – Bad Wolves
Take Me – Gideon
The Omniscient – The Great Old Ones
Wrath – War Of Ages
You Ain't Ready – Skillet
Zerfall – Finsterforst
Solway Firth – Slipknot
Grieve for No One – I Declare War
Fortune Teller – Stray From The Path
DROWN – My Favourite Nemesis
Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory – Knocked Loose
Empty & Hollow – And Hell Followed With
The Hunted (feat. Sully Erna) – Saint Asonia, Sully Erna
Can't Sleep – Blacktop Mojo
Eventide – Wrvth
Kohokia – Russian Circles
Eschatology – Walking Across Jupiter
Fools Gold – Nemesea
Torch – Despite Exile
Sacrilegious – Sharks In Your Mouth
Acacius – Hills Have Eyes
The Bastard Son – Monolord
Strychnine Shift – Cognizance
Cuff the Criminal – Disciple

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