Jazz Bass & Melody


Jazz Bass & Melody

Gig Goer

I had fun putting this playlist together with a focus on bass and melody. So much fun that I wrote a fanzine called Monger about how I discovered the songs. Later, I turned the fanzine into a blog.


Songs include numbers by Wayne Shorter, Kristen Korb, Christian McBride with Dee Dee Bridgewater, Herbie Hancock and Brian Cruse. A song or two push the boundaries of the definition of jazz, but I'm okay with that because all of the songs are by musicians who play jazz. Most of the songs are original compositions by the artists but there are a few modern takes of standards thrown in the mix. One of the arrangements, Nightlight, is a cover of hip hop group Aesop Rock. Joe Jackson makes the list with a track from his work covering Duke Ellington. Hope you enjoy the list as much as I did making it. Bienvenidos!