Looking for a specific chill playlist


Looking for a specific chill playlist

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Hi!! I was listening to music yesterday when an ad came on for this chill music playlist. I clicked on it and listened to it for a while and I really enjoyed it, but then I found out that Pentatonix released their (amazing) new Christmas album, so I clicked off of the playlist before I remembered to follow the chill music playlist. Now I can't find it! (I looked back in my history but it wasn't there since I had listened to so much Pentatonix... oops!) I know that the playlist mentioned something about updating every Friday. The songs I had listened to yesterday had a timestamp from last Friday, so it might not be helpful to provide the names of some of the songs that were in the playlist since they probably aren't there anymore, but here are the ones I listened to that were marked down in last.fm:


- Mura Masa - Love$ick

- Chromatics - Kill for Love

- Maggie Rogers - Alaska

- oshan - Most at Home

- BLVTH - Ocean

- Merges - ATL
- Awir Leon - What It Does

- Tsar B - Swim

- Shura - Make It Up

- glades - Speechless

- Stalgia - Heaven + Mimosas

- Yotse - Chihiro

- Novaa - Rose

- Trace - Low


If anyone can help me out by leading me in the direction of the playlist, I would really appreciate it!! Thanks! :)