Mabel - High Expectations


Mabel - High Expectations


Hello there, this is my fav “Mabel - High Expectations” playlist that has gained enough followers to where I believe I can help lesser known artists get discovered! If there is anyone that knows an artist, or any artists that would like to be in this playlist, please comment! :)

Very much a zeitgeist pop star, Mabel has tapped into the unfazed pop style that singers like Dua Lipa, Rihanna and, more recently, Billie Eilish have been flooding the charts with for the last couple of years. Unfortunately, this means that the production on the album feels too safe or too familiar at times. Unfortunately, very few songs pound as hard as Don’t Call Me Up but as she progresses in her career, hopefully she’ll stop riding the popular chart trends and will soon be the one who creates them.