My Electronic Playlist For all Ravers


My Electronic Playlist For all Ravers

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Hello EDM Lovers, 

My name is Ryan and I am the owner of The Rave dome and Electronic Dance Rewind Playlists featured on Spotify. I am writing to you all in hopes to help Unite the EDM Family together from all over the Globe. I have been a fan of dance music for 7 years now and I have seen it grown into this world Phenomenon like no other. During that time period, I have worked hard over the last 2 years or so to bring my idea to life thanks to the Help of Spotify and my passion for music.  The two Stellar Playlist I currently own and update frequently are my creations in an effort to bring the people of the EDM community together just to listen to the music we all loved in the past up to today. With over 14,000 tracks and hundreds of Dj's spread across 2 unforgettable playlists, it's for sure the largest EDM Song Collection on Spotify. The Rave Dome playlist is our main selection where all the newest songs are uploaded on a weekly basis. While my Electronic Dance Rewind Collection is all those past songs that got EDM to where it is today. You can find them both live on Spotify for you and your Rave friends to listen too. If you want the Greatest tracks, remixes, collaborations that Spotify has to offer then my two playlists are for you. Nevertheless, I want to thank Spotify for Providing the songs and Dj's that take my work to the next level:). I also have a twitter feed as well as @EDMReflections if you want updates, news, and just to be with other music fans like myself. Thanks again for all your time, and hope to see you and your friends in the RAVE DOME soon.  KEEP RAVING :)