My Vibes~ What's yours?


My Vibes~ What's yours?


Hi everyone! 


My name is Hendra. I'm all for music genres that are chill. It can vary, as long as it puts me to immense tranquility. My go-to genres are usually R&B and Hip-Hop. Every song in my playlist is a representation of a certain type of feeling I felt during my journey to places. I don't normally stick to one fixed route to places I go to, but rather I take alternative routes; mainly to be lost. I usually take buses & look out the window looking at old & modernized architectures, alleyways, basically any aesthetics of any places that gives me feelings of nostalgia.


My playlist is but a journey to me, a memory of emotions that are unexplainable through words. I hope with these songs, they are able to represent your own moments of nostalgia, "vibes", "feels", & what-have-you, just as they did for me. Thus, the playlist named as "Trust me, said i". Trust me on making you feel emotions & feelings you didn't know you used to crave & long for, and feelings that you don't even know exist.

*(ps, my favs among all of em are: Warm On A Cold Night by Honne, Collapse by Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Too Sad by Boerd, In The Midst of It All by Tom Misch, & Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis Leftwich)

**I'll check everyone's playlists out & give yall a follow if I can vibe with yall's playlist!


Share with me your playlists built through your own journey of your own vibes or songs that gives you unexplainable feelings!


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Hi @hqwily,

First of all I like your playlist! (also left a follow :))

And of course, welcome to the Community and great post!


Now, what's my vibe?!:

I'm a pretty open person when it comes to music genres...

But now I will share one of my compilation playlists, you can definitely chill with.



Keep It Up!