New Age Acoustic Christmas


New Age Acoustic Christmas

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Hi Everyone... Here's a playlist I've put together over the last couple years...  It's a nice quiet instrumental playlist for Christmas.  Mostly acoustic instruments, with a touch of New Age synth...  I hope you enjoy!  As far as i know, it's the only one of its kind on Spotify...


Christmas - New Age Acoustic

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I hate christmas.... :) But good playlist though, I used to do the stage setup for the trans siberian orchestra every time they came to austin... and omg... Getting a STAGE side view... Was totally worth working 23 hours straight :)

Great effort, Love hearing peoples good playlists, It's like getting a glimpse at their emotions :) i'm sneaky that way hehe.

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Re: New Age Acoustic Christmas


I wanted to submit a few songs for possible Christmas playlist. I have 11 albums and my holiday album THIS CHRISTMAS forcuses on acoustic instruments in a serene setting. This is the playlist for THIS CHRISTMAS. I was very successful with it. Thanks Paul Adams