New Artists To Watch Out For


New Artists To Watch Out For


Every year I do a playlist with the best new acts that I'm going to look out for. And this year, I wanted to share it with you. Let me know what you think and please share your own bets/playlists. 

Here are mine:

1. Charlotte Dos Santos

Delicious norwegian neo-soul with amazing multicultural production.

2. Alfa Mist
Somber new cool jazz coming from East London, for both the purists and experimentalists. 

3. Laura Misch
Tom Misch's sax-wielding sister, blending jazz licks with slow-cooked vocals.

4. SumoChief
Kids blending hip-hop and jazz, the new cool stuff coming from London's scene.

5. Rob Araujo
Smooth synth jazz with a hit of beats from the talented LA producer.

6. Raveena
Not-your-typical R&B songstress. A mix of zen soul and life statements.

7. Jonah Levine Collective
LA-based jazz collective, coming from UCLA via the Low End Theory express.

8. Sophie Meiers
Weird yet confident vocals sung on top of melancholic beats.

9. The JuJu Exchange
Chance the Rapper's Donnie Trumpet and his childhood friends take on jazz.

10. Ravyn Lenae
Punky, sometimes funky, neo-soul with a great attitude to remixing.