New Emerging Artists Share Your Music :)


New Emerging Artists Share Your Music :)



I am making this post for any underrated or emerging artists to share their songs or albums.


Feel free to share anything you have and I will 100% give it a listen and perhaps add it if it fits into one of my playlists so more people can discover your work, I have many so I'm sure it will!


:) Here is one of my lists 'faded' which is chill vibes and mainly r&b

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Big KJ on spotify

Gig Goer

Hello, please take a look at my spotify profile Big KJ:


Link to track:


I would be pleased if you add my release to your spotify playlist.


Thank you & kind regards

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Re: New Emerging Artists Share Your Music :)

Gig Goer

Hi... Kindly take a minute to listen and I hope you would consider adding my song. I'd totally appreciate it. Thank you in advance... Darlintino - A Man Apart