[New Playlist Alert] Gold Bars


[New Playlist Alert] Gold Bars

Casual Listener

Curated selection of the freshest UK Rap, Hip Hop & Grime. Cover: Weyland Mckenzie. If you feel like you should see anybody on the list, feel free to shoot me a message on here, or comment any submissions below :)


This month, the illustrious Weyland Mckenzie graces the cover. Soft tone, accompanied by introspective bars, like that on 100 Tabs. Amongst those joining him in the list, are West London's Rap Queen, Lava La Rue, featuring with Tariq Disu on Letra and rising South London rapper Nxkaio, with 1 AM. Enjoy a taste of what Great Britain has to offer :)


Honorable mention: Maxsta. His tape Electric 001 is all self-produced and is a solid listen the whole way through. Salute!