Nicki Minaj vs Rema Ma BATTLE [Bars-N-Bras]


Nicki Minaj vs Rema Ma BATTLE [Bars-N-Bras]

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I used to think "this battle is dope for Hip Hop, but no bueno for female rap" (on some U.N.I.T.Y. I felt like there weren't enough female rappers period to battle ... yet), but then I realized that "Hip Hop" has been discussing 2 females all week long ... Remy just dropped an album and Nick is planning to drop one this year so they both could benefit from this "beef" if they both come thru with the #Savage. That's a win-win for female hip hop PERIOD even if they don't collab. I'm here for the bars and bras regardless of who win.


What do you think WON the battle though? COMMENT "Remy" if you think she murdered Nicky with 'shETHER' or "Nick" if she won (even if without a response).  Are rap battles bad for female hip hop? Are there not enough females with a platform to be fighting for one spot? Should female rappers be getting along until there are more mainstream female rap artists?


Also, how do you feel about female battle rappers? Should they focus on making dope songs instead?


I started "Bars-N-Bras" to showcase dope female rap: underground, indie, mainstream. Dope. Female. Rappers. Period. If you have and Nick or Remy song suggestions, drop em in the comments below so I can add them to the playlist