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When submitting a playlist to the playlist exchange, it asks you to pick a tag and won't let you post at all if you don't choose a tag. I've created a couple of classical piano playlists which doesn't even remotely fall under any of the tags. Is there any way to bypass that step or create custom tags?



Genre Tag "TECHNO" missing.


Hey Folks


As i saw, there no option for tagging a playlist "Techno" on the exchange. As it is a very common genre right now, is it possible to add that tag?

Or do i miss something and it is already available but i might not seeing it?



Playlist FAQ - Your Questions Answered —> URI vs URL to post play list


Hello Everyone!  

Today is my first crack at participating in the community and sharing a playlist... and I hope I cracked an initial mystery other new folks might encounter... getting the Playlist URI to actually post... vs incorrectly entering the longer URL.  So, if I have it right... it is basically the same link except that you delete all the bits up to and including the question mark (?) from right to left... that is the URI of your playlist to enter.  Then it should post without a problem... I hope... worked for me anyway.  In my Playlist URL, below... everything up and including the question mark you see was deleted (just before the O).  I hope that is helpful... and why not enjoy my happy playlist while you are at it :)