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Re: Playlist FAQ - Your Questions Answered


Re: Playlist FAQ - Your Questions Answered


Re: Playlist FAQ - Your Questions Answered


  • @meahtenoha wrote:

    We've noticed quite a few of you have questions about Spotify Playlists scattered around the Community. 


    So we've read through your posts and created a Playlist FAQ for you all. Hopefully this will help you find, create, edit and share playlists easier and faster. 


    Once you've created your masterpiece, be sure to share it with us here in the Playlist Exchange


    How do I make my playlist public on my Spotify profile?

    You can make your playlists 'Secret' or 'Public' in just a few clicks. 



    1. Right click the playlist.
    2. Select 'Make Public'.



    From your phone:

    1. Find the playlist

    2. Click the three-dot menu button on the right


    3. Select 'Make Public'


    You can always change the status of the playlist back to 'Secret' at any time.


    How do I search for public playlists on Spotify?

    If you're looking for another playlist curated by another user, this is also quite easy.


    1. Select Search from the main menu in any device.

    2. Type in the mood or genre you're looking for e.g. 'Running', 'Indie Rock', 'Roadtrip'.

    3. Search results are sorted by "TOP RESULTS", "SONGS", "ARTISTS", "ALBUMS", "PLAYLISTS", PROFILES'.

    4. Scroll to "PLAYLISTS". 

    Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 2.02.46 PM.png

    5. Click "PLAYLISTS' to see more options.



    Do other people see if I play their playlists?

    The creator of a playlist is not notified if you play their playlist. They will only be notified if you Follow the playlist. 


    Your Followers can also see the playlist you're l listening in the Friend Feed. To keep this private go to your Desktop App > Preferences > Turn off 'Publish my activity on Spotify'.


    How do I edit my playlist cover photo?


    You can personalize your playlists on the Spotify Desktop app. Click here for a step-by-step guide


    How do I view my playlist/ listening history on Spotify?

    This isn't a current feature on Spotify. However there is an idea in the Idea Exchange which can vote for here: "Usable History". We'll post in that thread if there are any updates.  


    How do I get more Spotify followers?

    The best way to get Spotify followers is to curate great playlists. The top place to share those playlists with our users is in the Spotify Community Playlist Exchange. For some tips on creating successful playlists click here



Re: Playlist FAQ - Your Questions Answered


I cannot publish any playlist recently, anyone else with the same issue? The page always reports error link (my playlists are public and I insert the correct Spotify link, not URL). I shared others playlists before the same way and now I can´t.


Re: Playlist FAQ - Your Questions Answered


I'm having the same problem. The playlist link shows, but it no longer embeds the playlist so you can play it within the thread/comment/topic.


It works great for albums and individual songs, but not for my playlists. 


Re: Playlist FAQ - Your Questions Answered


I have some public playlists that are not showing in the search results or even can be found by another users accessing my profile's playlist list.

Why some playlists are not showing for everyone ? 



Re: Playlist FAQ - Your Questions Answered


I have an issue with my playlist. Probably is an **bleep** one but I have been months not able to figure out how to resolve it. I can only access a small number of my songs and the rest are kind of 'not accessible' and I do not know how to make them accessible again.Playlist not available.png


Re: Playlist FAQ - Your Questions Answered

Casual Listener

Just have spotify family.

I don't want to see playlists daughter.

Can I delete and create playlists that my daughter can't see.