Songs you cant stop listening to


Songs you cant stop listening to

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Hey guys!


So I keep a playlist titled songs you dont skip and it made me wonder, what songs are you all listening to that you just cant get enough of? Share a playlist of a few songs so I can give them a listen! For a longer playlist like this check out my under construction playlist!

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Re: Songs you cant stop listening to

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Great thread concept. Would be nice to add a few notes underneath the songs describing what makes it impossible to skip.


I'll have a go.


Baba O'Riley is not my favorite song. It isn't close to my favorite song. But it still remains one of those songs that whenever it starts, I'm compelled to stop what I'm doing and get lost in the story and haunting tones.



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Re: Songs you cant stop listening to


This song is sooo good, And so hard to figure out the proper lyrics :)

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