Teen Love


Teen Love


I recently listened to the dreampop/80s retro-revivalist pop album Innerworld by Electric Youth. I loved the nostalgia, the analogue sensibility, the cheesy lyrics, and most of all, how it genuinly embraces the teenage condition.

The reason I called this playlist Teen Love and not Teen Angst is because I don't want to reject or toss away the poignant reality of what it is for a kid to experience and wrestle with the awkward, painful, and emotionally chaotic questions of what love is. The point is, when you're 16, in the parkling lot of the uptown bowling ally, awkwardly making out with that first crush in your '95 Camry, you truly believe without any doubt that you're in love. Plain and simple. 


This playlist plays with that idea. Lyrically they don't have to agree, but thematically and aesthetically, these songs all share a certain anthemic beauty and lack of emotional restraint. If you have anything that fits well here, please post it!