The Club Lounge; for every moment.


The Club Lounge; for every moment.


Hey there music enthousiast!


Since I've been using spotify, I've been making playlists. 
Mostly playlists being divided in moods and moments, and using them for the seperate moods an moments. Until I developed The Club Lounge, purely because I was frustrated a playlist like this was unfindable on spotify. The Club Lounge seems to be rather populair, many friends and people who hear my playlist at parties starts following it. 


Eventually it caused that I'm aware of it that people listend to it more frequently, maybe because it's so easy to listen to, I decided to maintenance the playlist even more and now I want to share it with more people.

I'm very curious what you guys think about it! It contains mostly house, but elements of electronic, jazz and other small genres do occur to keep it fresh!


Thank you very much for your time!



PS; It's recommended to sort the playlist by 'last added'

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