[The Rap Files] Story Telling Rap Songs


[The Rap Files] Story Telling Rap Songs

  • - The general idea here is a playlist based off story telling in songs, with some exceptions to some songs with just raw lyrics most songs WILL have a plot, to me story telling is one of the best ways to display a rap talent.

    - Im a huge fan of lyrics and visual rap. as well as a HUGE battle rap fan. so if you enjoy RAW Lyrical Music and Story Telling than you're in the right spot

    - Always looked for a playlist that really hit all the spots of rap that i need/like and after years of searching i just decided ill make it myself

    - Updated Daily (At least 1 Song)

    - Quality Lyrical Content

    - GUARANTEED To have songs / artists you've never heard to expand music horizons

im also open for suggestions, would love to expand this as much as possible.


Right Now the playlist is featured here http://playlists.net/rap-stories-messages but here is the direct spotify link https://open.spotify.com/user/triztrocity/playlist/56h9PPq0NFd1aHwLLoPECU