Vocal- / Uplifting- / Tech- / Trance


Vocal- / Uplifting- / Tech- / Trance

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Hey all,


Hereby my nearly maxed playlist which I have been updating for 3/4 years and still doing daily updates. It consists of various subgenres of trance music, but mostly vocal-, uplifting-, hard- and techtrance. At the moment I am revamping the playlist and trying to fill it with the same tracks but then from the original album and also removing anything 'big roomic'.


This playlist would be a great start for interested people and/or for people who are already into the scene :). Any suggestions would be appreciated!




Playlist link: https://open.spotify.com/user/1190156297/playlist/1x26AbAVs5hNXYEClKJgHG


>>>Also got 2 other very huge "To Be Listened" playlists (with newly released tracks from producers and other tracks I've discovered) which I still need to listen to and sort out whats good and can fit my main playlist. Check out my profile for more: 


Profile link: https://open.spotify.com/user/1190156297







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Re: Vocal- / Uplifting- / Tech- / Trance

Gig Goer

Check the Deluxe Psy Trance playlist. (More than 1000 followers.)