What if The Garbage Pail Kids had a band?


What if The Garbage Pail Kids had a band?


The Garbage Pail Kids already have the cult image and the best band name ever so I decided to give them a sound. 


Groovy tracks from the late 70s and early 80s with somewhat weirdo vocals and a little punk twist to it. This is what I ended up with as a first draft: 



But hey, I´m striving for perfection and was hoping I could get your help. Let me know which tracks to delete and what I must add in order to give this vintage weirdo band the perfect retro madness sound.


My only guidelines so far:


  • No trax released after 1983. It´s obviously the original lineup we´re talking about here.
  • The weirder the better, especially when it comes to the vox sounds and arrangements, as long as it´s groovy.
  • Obscure beats mainstream. This is an indie band we´re talking about. Still they might have managed to spit-out some accidental mega hits.  

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