Your Happiness Matters


Your Happiness Matters

Gig Goer

First I should explain the title. I recently read this book about improving your own happiness. It talked about when we ourselves are doing everything in our power to live meaningful lives, we vibrate at a high frequency. Only people who are attempting to be positive, impactful and kind like we are can feel that frequency within the universe. In short, we need to run with the fastest. Spend your time and energy with people who are positive and you will feel the difference. Which is why the playlist is called Highest Frequency.


It just started as something I did in the office. I had a couple songs in mind but I started to go around and ask people what their favorite "happy" song was. We all have a song that comes to mind because of the beat, the melody, or the lyrics. We have favorite songs but do they encourage your best self? I have plenty of Noah Gunderson favorites, but they don't always inspire me to get up and get moving. These songs are intended to do just that. What are some of the songs that improve your mood and share your best self?