ZUU Denzel Curry


ZUU Denzel Curry


Hello there, this is my fav “ZUU Denzel Curry” playlist that has gained enough followers to where I believe I can help lesser known artists get discovered! If there is anyone that knows an artist, or any artists that would like to be in this playlist, please comment! :)

Denzel Curry is standing alone on an empty rehearsal space, which has been blacked out and is so cavernous that you’d imagine it would echo. But the sounds are deadened by the walls; outside the padded door is an anonymous loading dock and then a bright, sweaty Hollywood afternoon. Inside, the rapper is testing out some new equipment and making last-minute tweaks to his setlist; it’s less than 24 hours before he’s scheduled to leave for tour, where he’s supporting Billie Eilish on 18 dates across Canada and the U.S. through the middle of July. He’s wearing a yellow hoodie, black pants, and sneakers, rapping songs that have yet to be released with roughly half the animation you assume he would give them in front of a crowd.

Curry is 24 years old and performs under his given name. He was born and raised in Carol City, a section of Miami Gardens about 20 miles North of South Beach. (Sixty years ago Carol City was an unincorporated farming community; by the mid-2000s it was being used as a case study for threats to teenaged lives.) At the beginning of this decade, he distinguished himself as one of the most promising members of Raider Klan, the rap collective founded by the troubled but visionary producer SpaceGhostPurrp. Raider Klan’s music was conspicuously underground: it was buried under concocted tape hiss, mixed so that you could hear all the seams, and given cover art and album titles so gaudy and Gothic as to make mall attire seem genuinely sinister. The group was in many, often obvious, ways a tribute to early- and mid-‘90s Memphis rap, but it went beyond homage and is being bitten to varying degrees by artists famous and obscure to this day.

The music Curry has made since splitting from the Klan in 2013 has spiraled away from his stylistic origins, first gradually and then rapidly. Some records, like his 2013 debut album Nostalgic 64 or 32 Zel/Planet Shrooms, his double EP from two years later, seem like logical extensions of his earlier mixtapes. Then came Imperial, which was urgent and minimal, and last year’s Ta13oo, a dark, fraught record that showed off Curry’s abilities as a singer nearly as often as it mined what seemed like a tortured psyche.

Despite being fluent in a handful of today’s most popular styles — and despite being more acrobatic and ambitious than most of his peers — Curry is rarely given credit as the synthesist he is. Instead he often finds himself on the receiving end of backhanded compliments from critics and fans, praised as being good for a Florida rapper or reduced to a product of the state’s SoundCloud scene. (The Apple Music page for Imperial describes Curry as “A Miami rapper with an East Coast MC’s furious mentality.”)

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Great post, great album.

Most defenately his best one yet !

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