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5 Podcasts on Kanye to Prepare you for "Donda"


5 Podcasts on Kanye to Prepare you for "Donda"

The word is out, Kanye West's new album "Donda",  is set to drop sometime in the next 48 hours. As the world waits with bated breath to hear what comes next from one of the world's most enigmatic and notorious rappers and producers, we've got a collection of podcast episodes to get you caught up. These are 5, hand-picked Kanye-related episodes to teach you everything you need to know about the life, music, and vision of Kanye West


Dissect S8E1 - Kanye West: Yeezus

Season 8 of Dissect dives deep into one of the most polarizing and impactful albums of the 20th century: Kanye West's Yeezus. Join host Cole Cuchna as he takes an in-depth look at the interpersonal and societal canvas that Yeezus would be painted on. From Kanye's struggles in the fashion industry to his romantic relationships to his inspirations in creating the album, Cole leaves no stones unturned in his dissection of the monumental 2013 album. 



Dissect S2E1 - Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Taking a step back in Kanye's Career, Dissect's season 2 is dedicated entirely to what is thought by many to be some of West's best work, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Season 2 explores some of Kanye's biggest public faux-pas,  the rise of his infamous ego, and how he began to merge his persona with his music to become an international music powerhouse. 



Watching The Throne - A Lyrical Analysis of Kanye West

Watching the Throne is a show for the biggest of big Kanye fans-- in this in-depth and entertaining show, the New School Critics go one-by-one through each of Kanye's tracks to analyze the lyrics within, examining the overarching narrative of each album, his poetic techniques, and his growth as a storyteller. This episode serves a perfect point to jump in as the hosts Chris and Travis speculate on their hopes and wants for the upcoming album Donda.  


The Joe Rogan Experience: #1554 - Kanye West

Not much needs explaining when it comes to Joe Rogan's program; he brings on guests from around the world --of all different creeds and beliefs-- to cross examine them on anything and everything that crosses his mind. Pop into this episode not only for a taste of Kanye's thoughts on his music and life, but also on his emergence into the political world. 


Inside The Making of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - The Ringer Music Show

In the premiere episode of The Ringer Music Show, Music Journalist and critic Charles Holmes examines the making of the controversial super-hit Kanye record, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Jump in and listen as Charles chats with some of Kanye's closets confidants, including Malik Yusef, Anthony Kilhoffer, S1, and Consequence to get to the bottom of the making of this landmark record. 


Are you ready? Kanye's Donda should be dropping any time now. Make sure you're caught up before then. What's your favorite Kanye album? Favorite song? Thoughts on his behavior and career? Let us know down below. 

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love it 

Watching the thrones I love it, Really a great article Appreciated your efforts, Nice selection of podcast...!!! Website


We're glad you enjoyed it, and glad to meet you 😊 What else have you been listening to??

Love It!!

IAppreciated it Really Enjoyable....

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