ACK! Lord of the Rings just disappeared!

ACK! Lord of the Rings just disappeared!


I was listening to LOTR audio books and they all disappeared a few hours ago!  All the user profiles that had them are now blank under the Titles section.... What happened?  I need to finish them for summer reading for school in a few days!

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ask bob the builder he will fix it


Hi this is the same for me and others I know! I tried contacting customer support but unfortunately my wifi went out mid conversation. What was said before that though is people took them down which to me seems unlikely that all the people who posted them would take them down at the same time 



Same with me - I would like to know if they will be brought back


I can't believe it has just been taken down...I am so annoyed I may cancel my subscription. I was half way throught the recording and not a word of warning 😳 

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