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I am 100% mad with spotify because one of the reasons I pay por PREMIUM account is to avoid ADS, and listening to podcasts with ADS makes me crazy.


I really don't care if the podcast is so popular that the brands are paying to include ads inside those podcasts, it's simply unacceptable, I don't want ADS on any podcast on the premium account.


Please don't make me move to another streaming service, you have to delete ALL ADS from podcasts, including the SPOTIFY produced ones like CASO 63.

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Good morning yedidr, I understand how frustrating it can be to encounter ads while listening to podcasts on Spotify, especially if you are a paying Premium subscriber who expects an ad-free listening experience.

However, it is important to note that while Spotify does offer an ad-free listening experience for music, their policy regarding ads on podcasts is different. Podcasters and advertisers have the ability to insert ads into their shows, regardless of whether the listener is on a free or premium account.

That being said, Spotify does offer some options to limit the number of ads you encounter while listening to podcasts. For example, you can fast forward through ads, or use the "Skip Sponsor" feature which appears after a few seconds of an ad playing. Additionally, Spotify has announced plans to introduce a paid subscription option for individual podcasts, which would provide a completely ad-free listening experience for those specific shows.

It's understandable that you want to enjoy an uninterrupted listening experience, and I encourage you to explore these options available to you on the platform.

Highest regards,


-Prague the Dog

This is. absurd and ridiculous... So... I already pay a Premium account. to avoid ADS and now you want me to pay a SUPER PREMIUM ACCOUNT to avoid ADS? 


Makes NO sense at all. This is the way to make money right? Changing platform immediately 

I just listen to music on Spotify but if I were a podcast listener and I paid for a premium service id expect that as well.

One thing I did find someone mentioning is that if you download the podcast in advance, you can bypass some of the inserted ads.


Remember most of us on the community are just a homie on the computer tryna help fellow listeners out in our free time, we don't work for Spotify BUT I did work for the Target corporation for a while and they taught me to ultimately help people find what they are looking for even if it's not at the store 🙂


Thus I found several premium, ad-free podcast listening platforms:

  1. Stitcher Premium: This platform offers ad-free listening, exclusive content, and bonus episodes for a monthly or annual subscription fee.

  2. Luminary: This service provides ad-free listening to a library of exclusive podcasts and content for a monthly or annual fee.

  3. Apple Podcasts+: This is a new subscription service that offers ad-free listening, early access to new episodes, and exclusive content for a monthly fee.

  4. Podbean: This platform offers ad-free listening and exclusive content for a monthly or annual subscription fee.

  5. Himalaya: This service provides ad-free listening, early access to new episodes, and exclusive content for a monthly or annual fee.

  6. Overcast Premium: This platform offers ad-free listening, as well as a variety of additional features, for a yearly subscription fee.

Keep in mind that while these platforms offer ad-free listening, not all podcasts are available on every platform. It's important to check which podcasts are available on your preferred platform before subscribing.

Trying to survive in the Sierras,


-Prague the Dog

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