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Adonde Media's Top 5 Podcasts - Guest Feature


Adonde Media's Top 5 Podcasts - Guest Feature

Hey! Spotify Podcasts team here. We're so lucky to be joined by Adonde Mediacreators of the Las Raras podcast today as they detail some of their favorite shows that they've been listening to lately. So, if you enjoyed our feature on Las Raras, or if you're just out looking for your new favorite show, you're in the right spot. So, without further ado, we're passing the mic to ADONDE MEDIA!




We can’t deny that creating outstanding podcasts is one of our greatest
missions at Adonde Media. But it’s also true that our passion for podcasts
goes beyond creation. When we don’t have our creative hats on, you can
find us listening to some of the hundreds of thousands of podcasts out
there. To help you narrow down your search for your next favorite one, we
bring you our top 5 recommended podcasts, and yes, we couldn’t help but
include a few of our own.


After Ayotzinapa


This is a podcast about bringing justice to 43 students who went missing in
Mexico back in 2014 after they were ambushed by local police. After
Ayotzinapa is an effort to expose corruption at the highest levels and lift up
the voices of the families still searching for a buried truth. Produced by
Reveal in partnership with The National Security Archive, this podcast
features testimonies of family members and survivors that could bring the
investigation closer to the light it so desperately requires. To hear a version
produced in Spanish, search for “Después de Ayotzinapa” to find the
version produced by Adonde Media in collaboration with Reveal, set for
release in mid March!


The Last Days of Maradona


Diego Maradona’s death in November of 2020, unraveled a fierce
investigation around the unexpected passing of this global football icon.
The core of this podcast, produced by Adonde Media for Spotify, centers on
Maradona’s final days and the people who in one capacity or another had
contact with him during his final moments. Through exclusive interviews,
text messages and other records concerning family members and those in
charge of his care, learn what led Maradona’s life to end the way it did on
that 25th of November. Oh and if you want to hear it another language,
there are six versions to choose from! One made for Argentineans, one for
the wider Spanish speaking public, as well as versions made in French,
Italian, English and Portuguese.




9/11 in many ways remains a mystery but, in many more ways, is a date
well researched and known around the world for what it represents. In this
podcast the focus is on the day after, 9/12. How did 9/11 change how we
see life moving forward? This is a seven-part series that explores how 9/11
shaped American culture starting that very next day. The award-winning
host Dan Taberski uses real life stories of people who were influenced by
this unforgettable day to prove the undeniable shift we all in some way
have felt.

Am I Normal? with Mona Chalabi


This podcast was created to answer one of life’s deepest questions - Am I
Normal? Not an easy task but the host of this show, Mona Chalabi, is not
intimidated by it and sets out to find the answer. She does so by tackling
other everyday questions like, do I have enough friends? Should I move or
stay where I am? Spreadsheets and data are her go-to places to find
answers, but since life is not always mathematical, she finds herself
enlisting the help of experts, strangers and even her mother in order to
accomplish her mission.




Hosted by award-winning New York Times writer Erick Galindo, Wild is a
podcast about growing up and through our experiences. Through
first-person stories, it talks about the moments in life that come to change
our perspective, leaving scars that will forever remain while also equipping
us with wisdom.


Now you know what we are listening to at Adonde. If you find yourself on a
long drive, doing the never ending load of dishes, or you’re just simply on
the lookout for a new podcast experience, Give one of these a try – Or all
of them. We have a feeling you won’t be disappointed.

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