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Announcing: The Play Your Part AV Club!


Announcing: The Play Your Part AV Club!

Hey, Podcast Listeners. We’ve been doing some thinking, and we realized something– you’re not just podcast listeners, right? You’re news-watchers, TV-bingers, documentary-enjoyers, and even social activists. So, why would we stop at scouring the feeds to find the world’s best podcasts when we can include so much more? 


Announcing: The Play Your Part AV Club!


The Play Your Part AV Club (that’s AudioVisual for those of you that might have never operated a VCR) is as much about combining mediums as it is combining interests. Here, we’ll be presenting a documentary, a series of playlists, and whatever other relevant and critical pieces we can find to support a single topic. If you’ve visited our Listen if You Watch hub before, then you’ll be somewhat familiar with the concept– but now we’re taking it a step further. 


The very first topic that we discussed on the PYP AV Club was for our sports and social justice community, The Fearless, and was all about highlighting Gender Equality in sports. We think it went really great, and we hope you check out not only our collection of Fearless podcasts, but also the accompanying documentary we’ve selected: LFG


So, now that the new AV Club is up and running, we’d like to invite you to be a member. Watch along, listen along, think along, and jump in to discuss whenever you’re ready. 


This month, we’ll be honoring Earth Day by assembling a hand-selected series of podcasts in our Climate Action hub dedicated to climate justice and youth activism, and how we can work to stave off the ever-growing threat of climate change and man-made disasters. And of course we’ve created an AV Club playlist of seven podcasts  to catch you up on everything you need to know when it comes to the 2018 ‘Camp Fire’ in Paradise, California–as featured in the Netflix documentary Fire in Paradise–and how various communities are navigating wildfire disasters. 


Here are your Podcasts for the session:

California's Deadliest Wildfire

Fire in Paradise with Drea Cooper

What Sparked That Wildfire?

How Disaster Planning Leaves Out Queer People

Crew No. 7

Fighting Fire With Fire

Rising From the Ashes: A Conversation with "Rebuilding Paradise" Director Ron Howard


We hope you’ll watch along with us. 


Finally, we’ll be circling back around to discuss these pieces in the first ever roundtable discussion of our new AV Club in our brand new Discord Server– that’s right, listening to these podcasts and joining the AV Club gets you an early pass to the Spotify Podcast Community before we announce it to the world. 


Our first session will take place on June 28th, so make sure you join the Discord before then. 

In summary, welcome to the Play Your Part AV Club. check out the shows above, and here’s the accompanying documentary. We’ll be discussing all of these in our Discord Community on June 28th, so join here to be a part of that discussion, and feel free to introduce yourself in the meantime. We’ll talk to you very soon.


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