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Apolitical Podcasts?


Apolitical Podcasts?

Though I am not a big fan of podcasts, I still listen to some as background noise.  I really hate how political everything has been on Spotify.  But does anyone know of any podcasts with little to no politics/"Current Year'/politically correct mentalities?  Thanks!

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I've been getting into Podcasts which accompany some of my favourite TV shows. It's a great way to dive more deeply into the making of, and background of, the show. 


HBO has a whole heap. 


My current favourite is Chernobyl. What an amazing TV show that is. And the podcast really provides even more depth and understanding.




I'm considering rewatching things like The Sopranos, and if I do, I plan to listen to the podcast before each episode so that it provides even more things to look out for. 


The Sopranos.

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