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Black Music Creates the Future: Best New Music Podcasts from theLINER


Black Music Creates the Future: Best New Music Podcasts from theLINER

With tons of new Black artists emerging onto the scene, we wanted to take a moment and highlight some of our favorites, as well as some of the podcast episodes cataloging their lives and stories. In collaboration with theLINER, here are some Black musicians actively creating the future of music.


Country Shine with Graham Bunn - Mickey Guyton


In this episode of Country Shine, black country artist Mickey Guyton outlines some of the difficulties and roadblocks she experienced in her journey to become a popular country musician, and how she is working to create space for more women of color in the genre.


Black Like Me - Mickey Guyton


A Waste of Time - Yung Baby Tate


Yung Baby Tate, a 25 year-old singer, songwriter, rapper and producer out of Decatur, Georgia, recently experienced meteoric success after several of her songs went viral on TikTok, netting her millions of listens worldwide. Now, she joins Eric and Jeff Rosenthol on A Waste of Time for an upbeat, hilarious discussion about her background and quick rise to fame.


I Am (feat. Flo Milli) - Yung Baby Tate


Complex Subject: Pop Smoke


In this Spotify Original 6-part series about the life and experiences of rapper Pop Smoke, host DJ Pvnch travels through the storied background of producer rapper, and songwriter Pop Smoke, heard through the voices of all of the people closest to him. A review of the legacy he left behind, in partnership with Complex. This is: Complex Subject: Pop Smoke.


MPR - Pop Smoke


Those are some of our favorite conversations happening around new music. Were you able to find a new favorite artist for your playlists? Let us know what music (and music podcasts) you've been listening to down below. 

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