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Coachella 2022 Podcast Lineup - Pods and Festivals

Coachella 2022 Podcast Lineup - Pods and Festivals

Helllllo, Indio, California! 


With weekend 1 of Coachella now behind us and swarms of people donning their light-up jewelry and flowy dresses to hit the low-Cali desert, we wanted to talk about everything that went down in Weekend 1, as well as some of the highs and lows of music festivals in general. So, we found some of the best podcasts to do just that. Let's go!!


The Get Up - Coachella Recap


The Get Up is your go-to morning show on Spotify, filled with stories, news, and music selected tailored just for you. In this segment, Kat and X go over some pop culture news, including a bit of Coachella talk. 



What They Don't Tell You w/ Jordyn Jones - Coachella Recap with Katie Sigmond


In this episode of Jordyn Jones' What They Don't Tell You, you're getting a recap from the girls who were on the ground at weekend 1. Hear about some of their favorite artists, hilarious moments, and sound advice for weekend 2-goers. 


Switched On Pop - The Joy of Music Festivals


Why do we go to music festivals? There are the acts, the people, the fashion, and more, but Switched on Pop claims that there's a much bigger reason-- Transformational Joy. This episode seeks to explain the escapism and pure joy that comes from music festivals-- maybe the thing you're feeling now if you're recovering from Weekend 1. 


Okay, Now Listen - Okay, Is It Music Festival Szn?


In this ep of Okay, Now Listen, hosts Scottie and Sylvia go over some of their favorite and least-favorite festivals, and why they employed a "no outdoor festivals" rule in their lives. Stick around for some great best and worst festival stories, as well as their idea of their perfect dream fest. 


Rolling Stone Music Now - Fyre Festival and the Long, Wild History of Disastrous Music Fests


Now we're not saying at all that Coachella was, or is a disaster, don't get us wrong. But you can't deny that it's fascinating to look on when hundreds of thousands of people gather for a festival that was destined for chaos, right? Check our Rolling Stone's take on every bunk fest from Fyre Fest to Woodstock '99. 


Switched On Pop - How Coachella took the Woodstock Look


In a rare double-feature, Switched on Pop is back, along with the hosts of The CutJazmin Aguilera and B.A. Parker to analyze how Coachella has slowly taken up the mantle of Woodstock in the modern cultural lexicon. From the fashion, to the moments, to the music-- is Coachella the new Woodstock? 




Alright folks-- if you're driving out to the desert now, now you've got enough great podcasts to get you there even if you're coming from Milwaukee. 


What do you think-- are you a fest-head? Can't stand em? Let us know down in the comments below. 


If you're looking for something different, check out our new AV Club, in honor of Earth Day. 

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