Complex Subject: Pop Smoke - Our Favorite Songs and the Pop Smoke Story

Complex Subject: Pop Smoke - Our Favorite Songs and the Pop Smoke Story

Rapper and producer Pop Smoke is credited with bringing the subgenre of Brooklyn drill to the mainstream, along with the secret street war that came with it.


Though Pop Smoke hit the mainstream with his release of “Welcome to the Party” in 2019, he began his career just a year earlier while working in the studio with various artists. In the years proceeding, Pop Smoke (born Bashar Jackson) experienced a run of top hits, such as “Dior” off his Meet the Woo album, and the single “MPR”, solidifying him firmly as an emerging artist in the Brooklyn scene. 


Pop Smoke: Welcome to the Party


In early 2020, Smoke began to experience serious success and fortune as his mixtape Meet the Woo 2 reached #7 on the Billboard top 200 charts in Europe. Unfortunately, Pop Smoke was shot and killed during a home invasion shortly thereafter at the young age of 20. 


Pop Smoke: Dior


In this Spotify Original production, host DJ Pvnch travels through the life, death, and experiences of rapper Pop Smoke, heard through the voices of all of the people closest to him. A review of the legacy he left behind, in partnership with Complex. This is: Complex Subject: Pop Smoke.


Complex Subject: Pop Smoke


So, what are your thoughts on Pop Smoke and his legacy? Let us know your thoughts on the Complex series, as well as your favorite songs down below.  

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