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Countdown to Halloween: 31 GHOST STORIES


Countdown to Halloween: 31 GHOST STORIES

It's October 26th, and we're so nearly there. In mere days, Hallow's Eve will be upon us, and the creppy creatures of the night will soon descend upon us to wreak mayhem and destruction...or at least grab a few handfuls of candy. 


All through October, we've been carefully counting down the days by bringing you fresh horror stories each and every day-- you can find some of our previous favorites here and here. Now, we're here to keep the haunts...haunting. So, without further ado, here's a few more of our team's favorite skin-crawling, bone chilling tales pulled from some of our favorite podcasts. 


Enjoy 👻


Warren Files: The Ghosts of Union Cemetery - Lights Out


Lights Out is your compendium of all things occult, haunted, cryptid, alien, murderous, and demonic. Every Friday, kick back and dive into a new nightmare with the Lights Out cast. This week, check in with some of the ghosts from the notorious Union Cemetery. 


"Dead Ends" - Scary Stories Told in the Dark


Cryptic and creepy host Otis Jiry doesn't do bedtime stories-- he and the Scary Stories Told in the Dark crew specialize in stories that keep your eyes peeled and your spine tingling...and they certainly won't lull you to sleep. In this episode, two slices of terror from author Ryan Peacock.


The Haunting of Corpsewood Manor (Case of Dr. Charles Scudder) - Rotten Mango


A voice from the great beyond guided Charles through a self-portrait. A cloth in his mouth and 5 bullet wounds in his head. Gruesome as the painting was, it turned out to be a pretty accurate depiction of Dr. Charles Scudder's demise. 



Chapter 1: The Talented Mrs. Piper - Mediums


Was famous medium Lenora Piper the greatest medium that ever lived? Or just an extremely prolific scam artist? In this episode of Mediums, we find out how one woman could have amassed nearly 30 years of pin-point accurate predictions...with or without help from the other side.


Power and Purpose by Lamar Giles - NIGHTLIGHT: A Horror Fiction Podcast


Every week, NIGHTLIGHT brings you full audio-horror experiences written and preformed by Black creators. This week, NYT Bestseller Lamar Giles brings you a chilling tale that mixes religion with deadly premonitions. 


A Wall of Lava lamps and Christine the Cackle Burger Witch - And That's Why We Drink


The Hellfire Farm Haunting was an occurrence so wild, it's become known as the Amityville of Scotland. In this episode of And That's Why We Drink, the crew goes over that story, as well as the brutal and unsolved "Burger Chef Murders".


A Ghost Story - Crime Show


A home on Beryl road in North Virginia-- nothing less, nothing more, right? Well, after a young couple moved in and started to experience one strange phenomena after another, the truth began to expose itself. 




Aaaand we're at 26.  Only 5 to go. If you're looking for every single episode that we've amassed so far, check the playlist here


What's been your favorite episode of this horror playlist so far? Let us know down in the comments below. 

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