Dear Spotify - Ignore the propaganda hit pieces

Dear Spotify - Ignore the propaganda hit pieces


You may have seen the hit piece on rolling stone calling for Rogan to be censored for spreading valuable information regarding the usurpation of autonomy and livelihood of human beings on Earth. 


Please, pay no attention to this nonsense. It's nothing more than an attempt at a "swift, and devastating blow" (quoting Francis Collins, former NIH director) to protect the interests of the political and financial elite.


You will forever be remembered as a harbor to free speech and incredible music algorithms. Do not let these fools in the hands our overlords influence your spirit. Stay true.


Love ya 

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Don't worry- Spotify is a huge company. Faced with a choice of doing what's right and following the money, they will follow the money.


Agreed.  And don't let Neil Young arbitrate what's legit and what's not.  Its like Justice Sonia lecturing us on the danger of COVID to children.

I like both but…unlike many performers like Joe R, Neil Young has taken many worthwhile political stands at great risk of personal financial risk. Props to him. 

No censorship

Follow science, not politics.


Get rid of Joe the **bleep** - Keep Neil Young Music

get rid of Joe and his propaganda and keep the music


Dear Spotify, between a significantly declining stock price and artists now willing to sacrifice their income (and yours) to protest dangerous conspiracy theorists that you allow on your platform, I suspect we will see more artists walk away from your service.  That's the beauty of the freedom of choice.  I'm all for the wackos who believe in Big Foot and flying saucers hidden by the government... but people who eschew the vaccine that is saving millions?  Lunacy and I won't be a part of it.  Just switched to free user status... and will delete the app come 2/23...  Ciao! 


I had NO idea Spotify was supporting the lies and hate that Joe Rogan spews! Am using Apple Music now. Getting rid of Spotify!


Funny! 🤣


Good idea!




Everybody going on about this is ridiculous. He had on a doctor that was vaccinated and is getting paid for every vaccine being given because he has patents on the tech to make it. Everyone needs to chill out and stop watching the media.


Keep Joe Rogan! Neil Young gave an ultimatum and lost. Subbing for Joe! 


Sounds like most of you Joe Rogan haters should go live in China or North Korea if you love censorship and hate freedoms so much!

I hear no Rogan promotion of a pre-defined narrative. He’s had more mainstream drs on than censored. If you’re aware of any examples or what you portend to be the case re: Rogan, please respond and cite them. Thanks


If you genuinely believe that, You’ve clearly never listened to Rogan. Your allegation is beyond delusional. Prove me wrong.


I agree. Some of this anti-Rogan stuff is beyond belief, and must come from sources who’ve never listened to Rogan. To those who post this stuff about Rogan “hate-mongering” as a personal credo - prove it. Take a screen shot and include it. As to “lies and misinformation” which we know is really about allowing otherwise censored but highly credentialed drs and scientists to speak - how do any of us know what the truth is within a censored society? We don’t. Including me. We’re all guessing. Or maybe those commenters are world class scientists. If so, link to evidence, which has been agreed on through the normal processes of expert debate and peer-review. Otherwise,’…”truth?” How do you know? I don’t.


It’s always a mistake to draw a “now or never” line in the sand. Which I think Neil figured out quickly.

Did you see his follow up letter a few days later? Paraphrased for humor - it went like this; “did I say Rogan? My bad. Everyone around me knows that when I say “Rogan” what I really mean is “Audio quality!” Audio quality is why I’m really boycotting Spotify and so excited about Apple.”

Preceded by a sentence which designated Spotify as “big Tech” and implying that Apple is not Big Tech. 

Followed by 2 long paragraphs about digital audio formatting that are not true, and in some cases not even technically possible. And the big deal is “misinformation”? It’s one thing to debate over medical or scientific theory or contrary findings by experts, but digital audio formatting is a very concrete technically known area.

And at the end of Neil’s letter, which is all about digital audio, for some reason there’s a short paragraph in bold stating he’s totally against censorship. Because the 2 subjects are inexorably linked in his mind, I guess.
Given Neil’s international renown, and the disruptive effects of his flip-flop actions on an already unstable society, I think he owes the world an apology. Not for boycotting anything for any reason. For hitting the hot divisive social conflict button before being sure he believed in anything. And then trying to walk it back like it never happened, with nonsense misinformation in an attempt to rewrite his own actions just days prior. 
Come On, Neil. Own it. “Ohio”..right? Your tune? That final refrain..hmm…oh, right! 
“How can you run when you know?”

Right! Like that.
So which one is it, Neil? The censored doctor who Rogan gave one interview spot to (and who also has a regular podcast on Apple) or is it Spotify Audio Quality based on your own digital audio formatting misinformation? 

If it’s the latter, fly me to your ranch and 20 minutes later you’ll be properly informed. Because I’m a genuine fan of your music. 

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