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Does anyone know what's happened to "An Unexpected Journey"...?


Does anyone know what's happened to "An Unexpected Journey"...?

I've been enjoying the podcast "An Unexpected Journey" (a dramatized audio book of J.R.R. Tokien's "The Lord Of The Rings") tremendously.  However, as of February 22, this podcast is no longer available through Spotify and the website for the podcast ( is also no longer available.  I sincerely hope that they have not shut down (even though it's starting to look as if they have) because they had only just posted the first four chapters from the final book on the podcast.  I've listened to at least two other audio drama versions of "The Lord Of The Rings" (from the BBC and The Mind's Eye) and this is one of the best.  That said, I notice that the people behind this podcast have been using the soundtracks from the Peter Jackson films -- and especially since they began charging money on their website, it occurs to me that they might have received a cease-and-desist order if they didn't obtain proper permission to use the soundtrack beforehand.  It would explain why the podcast has abruptly been erased and the website shut down with no explanation.

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I haven't been able to find the shop (which had some really cool merch) but I did find the entire podcast, minus the intro where they ask for support, by looking up "roads go ever on" hopefully that will at least help you be able to finish it!

Regarding the podcast "An Unexpected Journey," it's possible that the podcast was removed from Spotify and the website for various reasons such as:

  1. Licensing issues: The podcast may have been removed due to licensing issues with the audio content or music used in the podcast.

  2. Technical issues: There could be technical issues that caused the podcast to be removed from Spotify or the website.

  3. Content changes: The podcast could have been removed due to changes in content or changes in the terms and conditions of the platform.

If you are unable to find the podcast on Spotify or on the website, you can try searching for it on other podcast platforms, or reach out to the creators of the podcast for more information on why it was removed and if it will be available again in the future.

Weird, this isn't the first time someone found a LOTR audiobook somehow missing:

It's the work of Phil Dragash. It was once all on YouTube. You guessed right, the music means it continuously gets taken down. It was actually taken down by the Tolkien Estate themselves (greedy ***s). The great thing is that it was always be reuploaded in some form somewhere on the internet. I've found them on Spotify, Mediafire, Youtube, Vimeo. The key is to search for the chapter names, as I've found them under all kinds of names, even once under an obscure blues artist.

Long live Phil Dragash's amazing work!!

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