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Favourite podcast

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On The Record. Romanian podcast.

The worst wrestling podcasts is a new podcast but it's quickly becoming one of my favorites. The hosts Paul and Ana ( we have same name lol) are very informative on all the major wrestling promotions in the USA and they help me stay up to date with the current storylines. It's great for wrestling fans. 

Timesuck is a podcast where the host Dan Cummins talks about serial killers, cults and historical events such as ww2, but he brings in his comedy to make it lighthearted. I really like it. Those are 2 of my favorite podcasts.

Hey @SoundShots


I'm curious to find out whether you're looking for random podcasts to try or if you have some preferences. Let me know and I'll see if I can recommend you more. 


As to my preferences, I happened to like podcasts about history, crime and mythology. I highly recommend this one, most of the time about Greek mythology, but also other cultures:




I also check this one sometimes if I feel in the mood for some latest news:




And this one, about biographies of popular (and not so) historical figures:




I also listen to some comedian podcasts, but they're in my native Bulgarian language and I don't post them here since English is the Community's official language. 


Stay tuned  🎶  📻  

372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back
Hosted by Mike Nelson and Connor Lastowka (of RiffTrax fame), they break down some of the worst books ever known to mankind. It started out with Ready Player One (hence the name, the book is ~372 pages long) but have branched out to other works like The Eye of Argon, The Forensic Certified Public Accountant and the Cremated 64-SQUARES Financial Statements (no, I am not making that up, it is a real book about “The magical world of Forensic Accounting . . .”), and the infamously bad fanfic My Immortal

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