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Guys, I'm Shaking: SCARY things with Benito Skinner


Guys, I'm Shaking: SCARY things with Benito Skinner

With only 11 days until the witching hour, we've been through all kinds of ghouls and goblins here in the Spotify Podcast Community. We've talked about haunted houses, vile villains, unexplained occurrences, and Stephanie Soo even stopped by to tell us about her favorite vampire stories




We certainly didn't touch on every horrible, haunting out there. Some things, while seemingly benign, can be just as bone-chilling as their monstrous counterparts. Like what? Tik Tok Trends. Conversations about Cryptocurrency. Lobotomies. And....Scorpios 😨


The good news is, we've got comedian, actor and influencer Benito Skinner with us to guide us through the world of his own personal fears. 




Thanks, Benito!!


So, without further ado, let's jump into to some of these modern-day atrocities:



Straight Guys Talking Crypto / Vocal Fry - Obsessed


Scorpio October Forecast - Scorpio Today


Tik Tok: Hot Girls with Cats with Grace Kuhlenshmidt - Hobby Hunter


Verse One: In The Dark - Electric Easy


Mind Games - The Dark History of Lobotomy - Dark History




Another big round of applause for Benito Skinner for picking out some great episodes to keep us on our toes this October. If you're looking tor the full playlist, you can find it here: 


Guys, I'm Shaking: Benito Skinner


Otherwise, if you're looking for more horrible and haunting tales, check out our ongoing list of ghost stories here and here


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