Hey! What are your FAVORITE Gaming Shows?

Hey! What are your FAVORITE Gaming Shows?

Heyo, gamers in the Spotify Podcasts Community! We're the gaming editors here on the Spotify Podcasts team, and we're excited to meet you. 


First and foremost, we want to know what you like to play, and what you like to listen to! Are you more a fan of gaming news, or reviews? Do you like convos about the classics, or are you more into the latest releases? Are you a AAA die-hard, or more into the indies? Let us know down in the comments below this post, it'll help us bring you better episodes about your favorite games. 




We hear your cries: "Are these people real gamers? Are they out-of-touch boomers who are going to tell us about the Good 'Ol Days of arcade cabinets and pinball?" 




You don't know who you're talking to. We've got 5+ characters in Elite Smash in Smash Ultimate. We beat all the Dark Souls games including Demon's Souls. Heck, you should see our Warzone K/D. But you know what else? We like to play casually. We waggle around our living rooms in VR, we gather around the TV with our friends and play Jackbox, and we're certainly not immune to the emotional impact of a well-written walking simulator. We just love games. If you STILL don't buy it, fine-- check out some of the gaming podcasts we've been binging, and come back to us after. 




PlayStation Showcase's Unanswered Questions - PS I Love You XOXO 



This one's for the PS5 owners (that's right, all 7 of you) to keep you satiated while the games trickle out for your shiny new system. Hosted by Blessing Adeoye Jr. and Greg Miller, this show is about releases, news, reviews, and nostalgia surrounding the PlayStation world. 


Metroid - Cane And Rinse



Now approaching their 500th episode, the crew behind Cane and Rinse have waxed poetic about just about any game that you can think of. Sometimes chatting about recent releases and sometimes reminiscing about golden oldies, the Cane and Rinse podcasts are all about intelligent discussion around cherished games. We recommend popping this feed open, searching for your favorite game, and starting there. 


Portal - How Did This Get Played?


Heather Anne Campbell, Nick Wiger, and Matt Apodaca are lifetime gaming enthusiasts. They also happen to be comedy writers. Week after week, they invite writers, comedians and other funny celebs into the studio to discuss the worst, weirdest, and most notable games ever to grace our screens. 


Red Dead Redemption II (ft. composer Woody Jackson) - Score Points



Maybe the most often overlooked (yet incredibly crucial) element of games is the music.  Noticing this, Game Awards host and gaming journalism legend Geoff Keighley teamed up with...well, US to create Score Points, a show all about the greatest game music and its many composers. We recommend starting here-- if you were as big a fan of RDR2 as we were, you'll be ecstatic to hear composer Woody Jackson noodling on the very guitar that he used during production of the game. 




So-- do you believe us yet? You don't?


Very well. 1-v-1 us then. You name the game and the time, we'll be there. 


For real though, let us know some of your favorite games and gaming shows down below, and let's talk about it! 

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