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How do I turn off ads in podcasts?


How do I turn off ads in podcasts?

Hey! So I have a premium account and these ads is ruining the whole experience with listening to pods. How do I turn them off?

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This is incorrect. For example, Spotify OWNS The Ringer podcast so that is Spotifys choice to insert ads. Stop casting the blame. 

Hearing adverts during a meditation soundtrack is shocking. I’m considering quoting Spotify Premium as I use it for bedtime meditation and I’m frequently jumping from a deep sleep with stupid commercials. Makes me mad! 



Getting local commercials in podcast that never gave me ads in the last years. Use them often to fall asleep, this ruins a much needed habbit for me. Also a fully paying member for like 10 years, accepted all the (not always so great) updates but this is unacceptable.

Shame on you spotify for mis-selling your premium service as ad free. Ads are getting increasingly intrusive and have reached the point that I can't use the platform for podcasts any more

Stop blaming the content providers for this - you engineered the platform - you took the business decision to take our subscriptions and double dip for ad revenue.

Can anyone recommend a platform that doesn't abuse its paying customers in this way?

That´s insane, we shouldn´t have ads at all

I’m currently on a premium account and I’m still getting ads between podcasts or when I fast forward. This is outrageous; a premium account should not have this kind of advertisement

Pure greed like most other streaming services. Double dipping indeed. If they don't take out adv on premium dont pay for premium 

I have been using Spotify since 2014 I believe, but as they are planning to increase the family plan from £17.99 to £19.99 next month, (last increase was in 2021 from £14.99 to £17.99, so £4 in three years) and due the continue stubbornness in keeping advertising premium users accounts on podcasts, I have now cancelled my account. It will end the 13/04. #byebyespotify7f274254-cf3d-4318-a15b-b22605b96ffa.jpg

Why is this marked as a solution?

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