How to Save a Planet + Every Little Thing AMA - The AV Club in Discord

How to Save a Planet + Every Little Thing AMA - The AV Club in Discord


Hey, podcast enthusiasts! 

A few questions; firstly, have you stopped by our shiny new Discord Server yet? If not, you should-- its a hub for all things podcast conversation, and we've got hundreds of folks chatting away about their favorite podcasts-- it's a great place to find your next listen. 


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Also in the Spotify Podcast Discord Community, we're filling our calendars with exciting events featuring high-profile podcasters; exclusive to our Discord community. 


Up next, it's The AV Club, our very own content club featuring insightful podcasts and documentaries and inspiring conversations. 


If you haven't heard of our upcoming event yet, we've got all of the details here.


That said, we're excited to announce that we've invited the casts of two huge podcasts to join us in our conversation: How To Save a Planet, and Every Little Thing. 


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Sign up for the event here. 


Want to add your own questions to the conversation? Put them in here to get your thoughts in the chat! 

We're excited to welcome you to our new community, as well as chat with you about your favorite podcasts, so jump in our new community and say hello! 

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Are you want can i share this on my website. You are give me permission of sharing I will share it and more people come to your event. 


thanks for sharing Your content always helpful and Love to read. Really Appreciated. Website


I started planting it's my little efforts to control our Climate change. 

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