LOVE IS BLIND - Listen If You Watch

LOVE IS BLIND - Listen If You Watch

Can you BELIEVE how season 2 of Love is Blind ended? We're on team Deepti over here, but we were sitting on the edges of our seats the entire time. Now that it's over, we're desperate to follow along with our new favorite reality TV stars and keep the conversation going. So, we've found 5 of our favorite shows that are covering the season and finale to keep the convo moving alllll the way until next season. So, do you think that Love is Blind?!?


Love is Blind Season 2 and Series... - We Have the Receipts


Love is Blind - Pop Culture Happy Hour


Reacting to the Love is Blind Reunion - Bachelor Party


Love is Blind - Committed


Love is Blind Finale Breakdown - The Ringer Reality TV Podcast


Ok so now the big questions:

What surprised you most about the end of season 2? Which relationships didn't end the way you expected? Who do you want tom return in season 3?

We're so excited to talk about this with you, so let us know in the comments below!


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