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NEW "Listen if You Watch" Podcast Hub!


NEW "Listen if You Watch" Podcast Hub!

Hey, gang. 


We recently released our Netflix hub, and y'all loved it. It really made us sit back and realize that Tv, Movies, and Podcasts are a match made in heaven. It's not enough just to watch all of our favorite shows and films, we need someone to talk about them with, too. We want to discuss the secret theories behind Squid Game, dish the gossip about the latest season of the Bachelor, and argue whether Scorsese about Marvel movies-- we want to continue the conversation! 


We wanted so badly to create a place where you could continue to hear about your favorite shows and movies that we created a special place just for that. Introducing the...


"Listen If You Watch" Hub!


Whether it's the nostalgic holiday flicks that warm your heart, or the latest comedies, dramas, and dramadies that you can't stop watching, we've put all of the behind-the-scenes and post-show podcasts all in one place. 




 We're still waiting on the Snowmiser and the Heatmiser to make their own holiday show. We'll keep you updated. 


Not sure where to start? Check out a few of our team's favorites. Otherwise, check out the hub by clicking here, or enter "Listen If You Watch" into the search bar in your Spotify app.


It's A Wonderful Life - Pop Culture Happy Hour


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The Best TV Shows of 2021


What shows have you been watching this year? Do those shows have podcasts? Tell us about them in the comments below!! 

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