Podcasts to listen to if you watch…ZIWE

Podcasts to listen to if you watch…ZIWE

Hello! Spotify Podcast Editorial team here to share some of our favorite episodes to listen to if you stan Ziwe, like we do, or are just discovering her on her new show, ZIWE which launched on Showtime earlier this month. Ziwe Fumudoh is a comedian, writer and internet sensation who spins satire into discussions of race, politics and other cultural topics. She's a talent that's worth getting to know so have a listen to some of her recent interviews below.

PBS Newshour: Ziwe 

Ziwe on using humor, vulnerability and honesty to discuss race in America.

New Hollywood (The Deadline Podcast): Ziwe

Ziwe joins Amanda and Dino to discuss her new show "Ziwe" on Showtime, as well as her career, her IGTV show, and much more!

Why Won’t you Date Me with Nicole Byer: The World is Really Shitty and I’m Alone (w/Ziwe)

Ziwe and Nicole chat about being horn'd up, what they've been crying over, and are trying to learn to love what they see in the mirror.

Everyday Decisions: Funny Genius w/ Ziwe

Jo calls up friend and comedian Ziwe Fumudoh to discuss the best episodes of The Real Housewives, the city her skin looks best in, and why you should split your meals into two parts.

Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang: The Martin Luther King of Alt Comedy (w/ Ziwe)

Listen to Ziwe talk about her show Baited with Ziwe and her interviews with Caroline Calloway, Alexis Haines, Alyssa Milano, and Rose McGowan.



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