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Politics and Music on Spotify


Politics and Music on Spotify

Why is Spotify advertising/promoting a Michelle Obama Podcast, or better, why is a political podcast even on Spotify? We see enough politics everywhere else...Spotify is for MUSIC!!!  I love Spotify, but if it is going to become political, I will have to go somewhere else for my music.  I would feel the same way if it was a Trump podcast.

3 Replies

I wholeheartedly agree. Whether you lean to one side of the aisle or the other keep it out of Spotify. I don’t pay for politics when I want music, if you want to start a politics channel then do that.


Absolutely agree. This is NOT what I pay for. If I had a free account that would be fine, but I have a premium family account so it’s not. I wouldn’t even mind if it was just a suggestion that I could dismiss, but this just feels pushy. I’m not american, and for that matter neither are you, spotify. Why are you pushing this on me?

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