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Recommend Your Favorite INDIE Podcast


Recommend Your Favorite INDIE Podcast

As you are well aware, we're often busy finding the grandest, most compelling and powerful podcasts we can, and delivering them to you. 


Today, though, let's do something a little bit different! Today, we're looking for recommendations from you. Specifically, we want to hear about some of the smallest, most niche podcasts that you listen to. 



Maybe you like a show about your local college football team, or something about specific types of movies-- or maybe you've just come across a super entertaining podcast that hasn't been adopted by the mainstream yet-- let us know in the comments below!


P.S.: If you've got your own podcast, this is your time to tell us about that, too 😉



3 Replies

Great topic, @SpotifyPodcasts!


I noticed a couple days ago that my favorite podcast, The Doomed and Stoned Show, is back on Spotify! Even though I previously shared this podcast in another thread regarding opinions on podcasts in general, I thought I’d share it here now that it’s back on Spotify. I think it could fit in a “niche” category of podcasts, as The Doomed and Stoned Show is about (mostly underground) stoner rock and doom metal–genres of music that I don’t think receive mainstream attention very often.


While the previous Doomed and Stoned Show episodes aren’t on Spotify anymore, there are four new ones (starting with the first one from September 10th). In the new format, the featured songs on each episode actually play the tracks on Spotify, in between the segments where the hosts talk about the bands; so the album art shows up in Now Playing.


Yesterday I was enjoying listening to the most recent episode, which spotlights some of the artists who will be playing at the Maryland Doom Fest at the end of this month:


I was especially glad to rediscover a band that I had found on Spotify earlier this year, called Formula 400, and ended up adding a song of theirs to some of my playlists after checking out their debut album again. I also think it's fun to listen to the hosts converse, as they share interesting anecdotes and backstories about the bands that they include in their show.



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That's AWESOME! Glad to hear the show is back, hope to see you share some more of your favorite eps in the future!

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